2016 East Coast Open: Faraway Polo vs. Beluga

© Chi Chi Ubina: Beluga's Tommy Biddle and Faraway Polo's Pelon Escapite
Beluga’s Tommy Biddle and Faraway Polo’s Pelon Escapite

Wet weather conditions at Greenwich Polo Club continued today and the East Coast Open bracket play between Beluga and Faraway Polo was moved to Meadowbrook Polo Club in Medford, New York. 17-goal Beluga received three goals on handicap at the onset of the game as a result of Faraway Polo’s 20-goal handicap. In the first chukker, Faraway Polo scored three goals—two from Iñaki Laprida and one by Julian Daniels—to make up for the 3 goals awarded to Beluga in handicap. Tommy Biddle converted a penalty 3, straight through the uprights, and Beluga maintained the lead 4-3 going into the second chukker. The two teams traded goals throughout both the second and third chukkers to end the half tied 6-all. The second half of the game was dominated by Faraway scoring a total of eight goals. While Beluga scored only three goals in the remaining chukkers, one of which included an excellent neckshot goal from Chris Brant. After a disappointing loss to White Birch in their first game, Faraway Polo captured their first win of the tournament with a commanding 14-9 victory over Beluga.

© Chi Chi Ubina: Beluga's Fran Elizalde and Faraway Polo's Julian DanielsBeluga’s Fran Elizalde and Faraway Polo’s Julian Daniels

Bracket I                                    Bracket II
A: Postage Stamp Farm (1-1)       E: Goose Creek (1-1)
B: Airstream (1-1)                       F: Faraway Polo (1-1)
C: Audi (2-0)                              G: Beluga (0-2)
D: Tupungato (0-2)                     H: White Birch (2-0)

The East Coast Open will continue Saturday. The schedule will be posted on uspolo.org as soon as it is finalized.

All East Coast Open games will be livestreamed on ChukkerTV. The East Coast Open Final is on September 11 at 3:00pm ET. NBC Sports Network will rebroadcast the East Coast Open Finals on September 17 at 3:00pm ET.

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