Western Interscholastic Girls Regional Arena Tournament: March 17-19

National Intercollegiate Men’s Arena Championship: April 3-9

Coaching League: April 22- October 1

Early Bird Chukkers: April 22-April 30, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Pro-Pool League: May 4-June 25, September 2- October 1

12 Goal Series (May and June): close date April 15
Lisle Nixon Memorial, May 5-May 14
Pope Challenge, May 19-28
Vic Graber Cup, June 2-June 11
USPA La Martina Intra-Circuit, June 16-25
Practices on Wednesdays, Tournament games on Fridays and Sundays

Fields closed June 26 – July 6

16 goal Series (July and August): close date June 1
Mayors Cup, July 7-9
Robert Skene Trophy, July 14-23
USPA America Cup, July 28-August 6
Gulfstream Pacific Coast Open, August 10-27
Tournament games on Fridays and Sundays, Wednesday 16 goal team practice off-site
Gulfstream PCO Tournament games Thursday and Sunday

USPA National Youth Tournament Series (NYTS) Championship: September 1-3

8 Goal Series (September and October): close date August 20
USPA Presidents Cup, September 9-17
USPA Wickenden Cup, September 23-October 1
Practices on Thursdays, Tournament games on Fridays/Saturdays and Sundays

Women’s Tournament – September 22-24: close date September 16

Last Chance Tournament – October 6-8: closing date October 1
0-1 goal flight, 2-4 goal flight

Winter League- Dates TBA


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