2019 Xtreme Polo League Final: Ellerstina def. Las Monjitas

2019 Xtreme Polo League champions: Ellerstina. Photo: Matias Callejo
2019 Xtreme Polo League champions: Ellerstina. Photo: Matias Callejo

On an excellent sunny day and with a great amount of spectators, it was defined on Sunday, Oct. 6 at the Alfredo Lalor Headquarters that the AAP owns in Pilar, the first edition of the Xtreme Polo League (XPL), the first professional polo league in the world, driven by entrepreneur Juan Zavalía Paunero, in which six strong teams of between 29 and 34 goals participated.

In the first turn, in a match played on field two to define the third place in the contest, La Aguada beat La Albertina tightly by 11-10, in an extra chukker, with a golden goal from Alfredo Bigatti.

Meanwhile, the historic first final of the tournament, played on stage number one went to Ellerstina, who defeated Las Monjitas 15-12.

MVP of the final: Bartolomé Castagnola
Rookie: Camilo Castagnola.
Best Horse of the final: Chalo Lolli Pop, played by “Barto” Castagnola.
AACCP Award for Best Registered Player Product: Antu Walung Selva, played by “Toad” Caset.

The complete fixture:

Wednesday 9/25:

Zone 1, Las Monjitas 17, La Ensenada 10.
Zone 2, La Aguada 13, La Pegasus Polo International 10.

Saturday 9/28:

Zone 1, La Albertina 10, La Ensenada 9.
Zone 2, Ellerstina 18, La Pegasus Polo International 17.

Thursday 10/3:

Zone 1, Las Monjitas 15, La Albertina 14.
Zone 2, Ellerstina 14, La Aguada 12.

Sunday 10/6:

Third Place, La Aguada 11, La Albertina 10.
Final XPL, Ellerstina 15, Las Monjitas 12.

The teams and the progressions of the final day:


Ellerstina: Camilo Castagnola 6 (4 goals), Pablo Pieres (h) 10 (4, one double), Bartolomé Castagnola (h) 7 (2) and Facundo Pieres 10 (3, two penalties). Total: 33.

Las Monjitas: Facundo Sola 9 (2), Hilario Ulloa 10, Guillermo Caset (h) 10 (7, four penal and one double) and Tomás Panelo 5 (2). Total: 34.

Ellerstina: (1-0) 4-2, 8-6, 10-9, 11-10, 14-10 and 15-12.

Judges: Gastón Lucero and Guillermo Villanueva (h). Referee: Gonzalo López Vargas.


La Aguada: Victorino Ruiz Jorba 6 (2), Alfredo Bigatti 8 (1), Miguel Novillo Astrada 8 (2, one double) and Ignatius du Plessis 8 (4, three penalties). Total: 30.

La Albertina Abu Dhabi: Salvador Ulloa 7 (3), Francisco Elizalde 8 (1), Ignacio Toccalino 8 (2, one from a penalty) and Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8 (4, three from a penalty). Total: 31.

La Aguada: (1-0) 3-3, 6-6, 9-6, 9-8, 9-10, 10-10 and 11-10.

Judges: Martín Pascual and Rafael Silva. Referee: Federico Martelli.

The remaining formations that participated in the contest:

La Ensenada: Lucas Díaz Alberdi 7, Juan M. Zavaleta (h) 8, Joaquín Pittaluga 8 and Ignacio Laprida 8. Total: 31.

La Pegasus Polo International: Marcos Araya 7, Pablo Llorente (h) 6, Mariano Aguerre 8 and Martín Aguerre (h) 7. Total: 28.

We remember that the XPL has a regulation that has some modifications to the usual polo, designed to achieve more attractive, dynamic and more intense games.

Regarding the new rules:

  • Do not change sides after each goal, but at the beginning of each period, which starts with a throw-in midfield.
  • After each goal is taken from 40 yards.
    There is a semicircular line of 80 yards; the goals achieved by finishing behind her are worth double.
  • It is played with handicap and the changes of polistas are unlimited during the match.
  • Each player has a maximum of 10 horses per game.
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