Horseplay TV – A Leader In Polo Drone Technology

Wellington, Fla. – Sept. 22, 2016 – Horseplay Productions is featured in a newly released video by DJI, the world’s leading drone producer, as exemplifying “the future of possible.”

HorsePlayTV Drone. Photo by Phelps Media Group.
The HorsePlayTV Drone. Photo by David Lominska.

Drones gave the three young polo players who own Horseplay Productions an outlet for their creativity. “We have always tried to push the limit of filming polo,” said Rob Jornayvaz, who founded the company with Ty MacCarty and Matt Baker. “Polo is an extreme sport, and we felt it should be presented in that light.”

The first to use drone technology to capture the sport of polo, Horseplay Productions is widely acclaimed for revolutionizing the game. Providing a bird’s eye view of the action on the field has enabled officials to determine with vastly increased accuracy whether a foul was committed. Before that, umpires had to base their decisions on videos taken from limited angles at field level.

Horseplay Productions films high-goal polo around the world and live streams major international tournaments on Follow the action on Facebook (Horseplay Productions and Polo Channel) and Instagram (; @thepolochannel). Watch videos of past tournaments and polo documentaries on

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