Antelope Jr. Bounds Away with Lisle Nixon Memorial Final

Santa Barbara, Calif. – May 29, 2018 – The young guns of Antelope Jr. came from behind in the second half of play to win the Lisle Nixon Memorial Final at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in regulation play. The quick pace of the final captivated the attention of spectators as horses thundered by the grandstands, giving an up close look of the intensity of the game between father Geoff Palmer’s team, Antelope, and his son’s team, Antelope Jr.

Hilario Figueras and Pipe Vercellino
Hilario Figueras and Pipe Vercellino

Antelope (Hilario Figueras, Peke Gonzalez, Santi Trotz and Geoff Palmer) boasts a mix of experience, talent and youthful ambition. Trotz has been a mainstay of the Antelope organization for years, carefully organizing teams that have been successful at all levels at the club. Trotz has also played a significant role in bringing up Geoff Palmer’s son, Grant, through the Coaching League and Pro Pool at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. Grant and his young teammates, Herndon Radcliff, Jim Wright and Felipe Vercellino faced off against Antelope for the first time in a 12-goal final.

Jim Wright and Peke Gonzalez

Antelope Jr. quickly found their way to the goal mouth after the first bowl-in as Radcliff tapped his way through the uprights, putting their first mark on the goal. Trotz lit a fire under Gonzalez sending him flying across the field, answering back with two goals for Antelope to end the first chukker 2-1. Scoring remained even in the 2nd, with only one goal each by Radcliff and Gonzalez. Fouls plagued the third chukker, with two penalty conversions for each team. Two goals from the field, one by Figueras and one by Gonzalez gave Antelope the edge, but Grant Palmer put a fifth on the board for Antelope Jr. to end the first half of play 7-5 in favor of Antelope.

Santi Trotz and Pipe Vercellino
Santi Trotz and Pipe Vercellino

The momentum swung in favor of the junior team in the last three chukkers. After tying the match up in the fourth, the young guns held their rhythm for the next 14 minutes, outscoring Antelope 8-2. In the final chukker of play, Grant Palmer sealed the victory for his team, crushing a ball through the goal, final score 13-8.

“We really focused on keeping our man in the second half,” said Most Valuable Player Jimmy Wright. “Once we tightened up on our defense, it gave us more room on the field to work and get the ball back on our side of the field. It’s always tough playing against Antelope, but I think our team did a good job of reading each other, especially in the fifth chukker. Playing with and against friends is one of the best parts about being in Santa Barbara. You don’t find the same atmosphere anywhere else.”

Santi Trotz’ horse “Chava” was awarded Best Playing Pony.
Santi Trotz’ horse “Chava” was awarded Best Playing Pony.

Chukker 1: 2-1 Antelope
Chukker 2: 3-2 Antelope
Chukker 3: 7-5 Antelope
Chukker 4: 7-7
Chukker 5: 11-18 Antelope Jr.
Chukker 6: 13-9 Antelope Jr.

In addition to the 12 Goal, the Pro Pool and Coaching League program continue to grow at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet. Lots of smiles, laughs and fun polo!

Antelope Jr team
Antelope Jr team

12 Goal Rosters

Antelope Jr.
Grant Palmer A
Jim Wright 3
Felipe Vercellino 6
Herndon Radcliff 3

Klentner Ranch
Luke Klentner A
Jesse Bray 5
Santi Wulff 5
Justin Klentner 1

Hilario Figueras 2
Peke Gonzalez 5
Santi Trotz 5
Geoff Palmer A

Farmers & Merchants Bank
Dan Walker 2
Marcos Bignoli 4
Felipe Viana 5
Leigh Brecheen A

MVP Jim Wright

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club
The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is the premier destination for polo on the West Coast. Located on the beautiful American Riviera, the Club offers three high goal fields, a Polo School, boarding facilities, polo lessons and country club amenities, including eight tennis courts and a fitness facility, all alongside the Pacific Ocean. The 2018 season opened May 5th and runs through the first week of October. For more information about the Club and to purchase tickets please visit

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