Argentine Triple Crown 2019

In mid-September a meeting was held with the players participating in the Argentine Triple Crown and Qualification Tournament 2018 to discuss the format of the 2019 season and for the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) to present a new project for the creation of a Professional Polo League.

2018 Argentine Open Teams. Photo: AAP
2018 Argentine Open Teams. Photo: AAP

The idea had a good impact among the players, who in the weeks following the meeting voted in favor of the creation of the aforementioned Professional League and the format to be played in the 2019 season, which will be as follows:

The creation of a professional League that will be played between the Open or in parallel with some dates of the first tournaments of the Triple Crown. They will intervene up to 12 teams of between 28 and 34 goals of handicap.

The Tortugas Open will be played with a maximum of 4 teams, whose classification will be by order of the Ranking of the previous year.

The Hurlingham Open will be played with 8 teams by direct elimination.

The Palermo Open will be played with 10 teams, and will be the only tournament that will award points for the ranking for the following season.

Classification System: The ranking with the results of the Palermo Open will automatically define the ranking of the first 7 ranked for the next season, as long as 75% of the team is maintained. Meanwhile, the eighth team must play a repechage against the Chamber of Deputies Cup Champion. The last two vacancies of the Open will be covered by a Qualification Tournament (Remonta y Veterinaria).

The ranking system and the details of the Professional Polo League will be communicated in the coming weeks through the web and the official social networks of the AAP.

*This article was translated from Spanish. Please excuse any mistranslations or typos.*
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