Cambiaso Leads Valiente To First Win In Columbine Cup

Littleton, Colo. – July 30, 2017 – This weekend’s opener of the 20-goal inaugural Columbine Cup saw Kentucky defeat Hawaii Life (an all-pro sponsored team), and Valiente, powered by Adolfo Cambiaso, top Colorado. The matches were held at the Denver Polo Club in Sedalia, Colorado, and Valiente Polo Farm in Littleton, Colorado.

Saturday’s game featured Adolfo Cambiaso (Valiente) in his Rocky Mountain polo debut, versus 9-goaler Diego Cavanagh (Colorado), both of whom scored the lion’s share of the goals. As they normally both play for Valiente, it made for some interesting confrontations. The play of the day was a battle between the two in front of goal. Cambiaso carried the ball down the field and made an approach shot that looked to be a ringer. Cavanagh plucked it out of the air like a cat swatting at a bird, only to have a couple of strategically positioned Valiente players combine to tap it into goal.

Tournament organizer Rob Jornayvaz (who normally plays for Valiente) made some slick plays for Colorado, bringing his team within two goals of Valiente (6-4) on a pinpoint penalty shot in the third chukker. He nearly made another, but Cambiaso used the Cavanagh cat-swiping-bird routine for a save. Valiente’s Kian Hall scored on a long run in the final seconds of the first half, bringing his team to an 8-4 lead.

The second half continued with a dominant Valiente. Despite a goal and a series of strong plays by Colorado’s Robertito Zedda, the final result was pretty much a foregone conclusion by the end of the fourth chukker (11-5 for Valiente). Matias Zavaleta, watching from the sidelines, subbed in for Valiente after Agustin Nero was injured in the sixth chukker. Two more goals for Valiente topped off the day with an 8-3 victory.

Today’s Columbine Cup matches are at Valiente Polo Farm: Colorado v. Hawaii Life (10 a.m.) and Valiente v. Kentucky (noon).

The Columbine Cup concludes August 6 and is a prelude to the inaugural 20-goal Colorado Open (August 9-19). The Colorado Open final will feature the 2017 Rocky Mountain Polo Festival  hosted by Polo Fest and Polo Channel.

For more information about the Columbine Cup, the Colorado Open or the Rocky Mountain Polo Festival, contact Darlene Ricker at (310) 210-4004 or

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