Double MVP Terrera Turns the Tide For Scone in Colorado Open

Scone Polo, a new team in this year’s $120,000 Colorado Open Presented by J5 Equestrian, and Valiente won their round 1 games last weekend. Scone Polo defeated Colorado 8-6, and Valiente took Hawaii Polo Life 10-9. The tournament is being held at Valiente Polo Farm in Littleton, Colorado.

Guille Terrera
Guille Terrera

The opening game was a tense tango. The first chukker ended with Colorado and Scone tied at 1, and each of the next four chukkers ended with just a one-goal gap (Colorado ahead at the close of the second and third chukkers; Scone ahead at the close of the fourth and fifth).

After trailing narrowly throughout the first half, Scone made an adjustment and shifted Guille Terrera to the back to take all their set plays and manage the game. The change immediately paid off, with Scone outscoring Colorado by two in the fourth chukker to pull ahead.

Agustin Romero
Agustin Romero

In a low-fouling game, Scone capitalized on their chances in open play, producing better scoring opportunities in their transition from defense to offense. Forcing Colorado to shoot from distance more often, Scone held Colorado to zero field goals in the fourth and fifth chukkers to maintain a one-goal advantage. The critical repositioning of Terrera helped Scone contain Colorado’s passing attack late in the game, as the latter’s shot attempts went from nine in the first half to just five in the second.

Controlling possession and ultimately producing more opportunities in the game, shooting accuracy proved to be a problem for Colorado with Juan Martin Obregon, Pablo Spinacci and Ezequiel Ferrario combining to shoot 3-for-12. The activity of Obregon in the back defensively kept the score low, but a final chukker with two more missed shot attempts and a missed penalty attempt kept Colorado from tying the score late in the game.

Agustin Nero
Agustin Nero

Terrera was the architect of Scone’s win, and it was no surprise that he was named MVP in both weekend games. His game management was crucial to Scone’s victory. (He subbed into the following game to help lead Valiente to victory as well.) Terrera finished game 1 with five goals on accurate 4-for-6 shooting from the field. His ability to play two different roles displayed his versatility.

No surprise, Terrera was MVP in both weekend games. BPPs were Mermelada, played by Agustin Nero, and Dolfina Raspuncel, owned by J5 Equestrian and played by Roberto Zedda.

The winning team from every game in the Colorado Open receives $6,000. An MVP and BPP are chosen after each game, and each is awarded $1,000. In addition $40,000 will be donated to the event’s designated charitable organization, the Equine Partnership Program.

Here’s what the players had to say about round 1:

Round 2 starts this weekend: Scone Polo v. Valiente; Colorado v. Hawaii Polo Life.
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