Empire Polo Club’s 2018 Tournament Schedule

28th    Stick & Ball Fields Open

December – 1-Goal Tournaments every weekend
2nd-3rd    4-Goal Desert Challenge
9th-10th    4-Goal Coyote Cup
16th-17th    4-Goal Jackalope Cup
23rd-24th    4-Goal Holiday Cup

January – 1-Goal Tournaments every weekend except the 13th & 14th. No 4- or 8-Goal polo on Jan. 13th and 14th
30th -7th
4-Goal Stagecoach Challenge
29th-7th    8-Goal Coachella Cup
7th    Opening Day & Hat Day
20th-28th    4-Goal USPA General George S. Patton, Jr. Tournament
19th-28th    8-Goal USPA Sportsmanship Cup
February    1-Goal Tournaments every weekend
3rd-11th    4-Goal Rose Cup
2nd-11th    8 Goal Emerald Cup
17th-25th    4-Goal USPA Circuit Players Cup
16th-25th    8-Goal USPA Regional Presidents Cup

March – 1-Goal Tournaments every weekend except March 3rd & 4th.
2nd – 4th    Club is Closed/No Polo
10th-18th    4-Goal USPA Congressional Cup
9th-18th    8-Goal USPA Constitution Cup
24th- April 1st    4-Goal Lions Cup
23rd- April 1st    8-Goal Champions Cup

April 1st    Final Day of Polo

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