Eureka Defeats Whitehall Ranch 10-9 for 12-Goal Final Win in Houston

Houston, TX – April 29, 2018 – Sunday’s match featured two teams from the 12-Goal League, Eureka versus Whitehall Ranch, in a battle for leading the 12-Goal bracket. Both teams came in undefeated and Sunday’s win put Eureka in comfortable positioning for the final.

Eureka: Grayson Price, Geronimo Obregon, Alvaro Ara, and Jorge Cernadas
pictured with St. Regis GM Michael DeCanio and Rene Campos and daughter

On team Eureka, Grayson Price filled in for Rene Campos and started the game off with a quick goal for his team. Facundo Obregon tied it up 1-1 at the end of the first chukker with a penalty conversion for Whitehall Ranch. In the second, Eureka went up by 1 point with a goal from Price and Alvaro Ara followed by F. Obregon putting in his first field goal of the game for Whitehall Ranch. But going into half time it was all tied back up at 4-4 with a goal from Price and two from F. Obregon.

MVP: Grayson Price pictured with Michael DeCanio
MVP: Grayson Price pictured with Michael DeCanio

At half time, 900 spectators took to the field to stomp divots, sip complementary champagne and partake in our McDugald & Steele sponsored pony hops. Spectators were also treated to offerings from Harrison’s Fine Antiques and Art, clothing from Nina McLemore, Tejas Custom Boots, Stick & Ball and William Grant &Sons brand ambassadors.
Both teams came back from half time fired up for the last three chukkers.

MVP: Laviña Infama, played by Toly Ulloa pictured with Michael DeCanio and grooms
MVP: Laviña Infama, played by Toly Ulloa pictured with Michael DeCanio and grooms

Sterling Giannico and F. Obregon scored two back to back goals for Whitehall Ranch, making it 6-4, the largest lead of the match, but Geronimo Obregon scored for Eureka to cut the lead to 6-5. In the fifth, Price and F. Obregon traded goals for their teams respectively but Ara snuck in one last goal to tie up the score 7-7 going into the final chukker. Toly Ulloa and F. Obregon scored quickly in the sixth to extend the lead for Whitehall Ranch but Eureka battled back with two goals from G. Obregon and in the last 3 seconds of play Price scored the game ending goal. Eureka defeated Whitehall Ranch 10-9.

Winners Circle

8 Goal:
USPA Southwestern Circuit Officer’s Cup
Horsegate: Shane Rice, Joe Wayne Barry, Sloan Stefanakis, Lance Stefanakis pictured with Ariel Mancebo and son Luisito
MVP: Shane Rice
BPP: Gata played by Marcos Villanueva pictured with daughter Uma and groom Tito

4 Goal:
Lone Star Cup
BCI/CW PetroleumTaylor Freeman, Cara Kennedy, Chad Bowman, Chris Williams

Club Leage:
Texas Spring Challenge
Crows Nest Ranch & Rover’s Romphouse/ Shanghai
CJ Lequerica, Brandey Heckeroth, Steve Armour, Neil Osburg

2 Goal:
PlainsCapital Bank Classic
Harrison’s Fine Antiques & Art
Allison Riordan, Mark Prinsloo (filling in for Chad Bowman), James Clark, Julia Florey

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