Farmers & Merchants Bank Dominates Travel Associates USPA Wickenden Cup

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Oct. 9, 2018 – The fall tournament season culminated with a busy weekend of 8 Goal, ladies polo and pro pool. The four team USPA Wickenden Cup was played with a single elimination format. UCLA and Farmers & Merchants Bank beat Barrossa and Klentner Ranch, respectively, in the first round played on Saturday to put UCLA up against Farmers & Merchants Bank in the final.

Winners - Farmers & Merchants Bank
Winners – Farmers & Merchants Bank

MVP Warwick Prendiville of Farmers & Merchants Bank played his best game of the season, scoring three goals from the field. His aggressive offensive efforts pulled the team forward as he consistently received passes from teammate Santi Wulff and carried the ball downfield. Wulff added five goals to the Farmers & Merchants Bank tally and Danny Walker scored two.

Warwick Prendiville
Warwick Prendiville

Farmers & Merchants Bank dominated the field from the first throw-in, driving the score to 5-1 after two chukkers of play. UCLA fought to defend against the strong momentum carried by FMB. Two penalty conversions by UCLA brought the score to 6-2 at halftime.

Santi Wulff and JW Hall
Santi Wulff and JW Hall

The match continued to tilt in favor of Farmers & Merchants Bank throughout the second half. Remy Muller stepped in for UCLA, breaking up the strong forward push of FMB. Walker and Yonally continued to capitalize on the momentum created by teammates Prendiville and Wulff, ending the game with a final score 10-4. “Soledad” owned by Santi Wulff was awarded Best Playing Pony.

Best Playing Pony - Soledad for Santi Wulff
Best Playing Pony – Soledad for Santi Wulff

2018 Santa Barbara Ladies Invitational
Central Coast Polo defeated 6-3 Stick & Ball Co. in an exciting final played on the main field at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. The Central Coast team featured a mix of local players including Megan Judge, Cory Williams, Danielle Travis and Hanna Heitzig. The team’s first match against Sotheby’s ended in a tie after regulation play and the fate of their standing lay in the hands of Danielle Travis on the penalty line. After winning the penalty shootout, Central Coast focused on their next opponent, Stick & Ball Co. who defeated Team Jack Maher in the first round of play.

Winners - Central Coast
Winners – Central Coast

Central Coast team’s strategy seemed reminiscent of an arena game, with each player following behind their teammate. It proved to be successful as a majority of their goals were scored when a Central Coast played picked up a loose ball that popped out from a defensive scrum. Danielle Travis was awarded MVP. Best Playing Pony honors went to “Chicory” owned by Leigh Brecheen. In the Consolation Final, Sotheby’s defeated Jack Maher Polo.

Megan Judge
Megan Judge

Pro Pool
The fall pro pool season came to a close with Marshall Allen earning the most wins throughout the fall season. The pro pool is one of the most popular and fun leagues for amateur players to compete in at the Polo Club.

USPA Wickenden Cup Rosters

Farmers and Merchants Bank
Dan Walker 2
Warwick Prendiville 1
Santi Wulff 5
Matt Yonally A

Jack Ziegler A
Jef Graham A
Max Menini 5
Francisco Guinazu 3

Klentner Ranch
Bayne Bossom 1
Luke Klentner A
Jesse Bray 6
Piers Bossom B

Remy Muller* 3
Joel Baker 1
JW Hall 2
Matt Walker 2
*Claudia Uretz A

2018 Women’s Invitational Rosters

Stick & Ball Co.
Elizabeth Welborn 1
Leigh Brecheen 3
Kendall Plank 4
Mia Bray 4

Central Coast Polo
Megan Judge 4
Cory Williams 3
Danielle Travis 4
Hanna Heitzig 1

Kristen Ludwig 3
Melanja Jones 3
Dayelle Fargey 6
Jessica Dubin A

Team Jack Maher
Geneva Kashnig 1T
Roxy Keyfauver 4
MIchelle Huber 1
Erin Brittin 2

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