France and Ireland make it to the final next Sunday at the Maifeld Olympic Stadium

Day 6 at Preussiche Polo & Country Club in Berlin. – In the first game France had to work hard to beat the Austrian Team in an exciting match. With only 5 seconds remaining the french team scored the goal that gave them the ticket to the final, leaving no time for the oponent to tie the game.
France: T.V. Desplaces 0; L. Jarrige 2; F. Garaud 3 (6); J Reynes 3. Overall 8 goals.
Austria: R. Kofler 1; M. Bleier 2 (2); D. Braun 4 (2); W. Scherb 1. Overall 8 goals.

Afterward a young German team could not beat the irishmen and their offense. They were tied most of the game but in the end the experience of Hutchinson and Henderson from the Irland team provided them the lead of zone A with this decisive game.
Ireland: S. Hutchinson 1; C Boyd 0; M. Hutchinson 3 (2); M. Henderson 4 (6). Overall 8 goals.
Germany: H. Dumrath 3 (2); C. Crasemann 2 (1); C Crasemann 3 (3); N. Strinle 0. Overall 8 goals.

The XI FIP European Championship final games at the Maifeld Olympic Stadium

Games for Saturday 3rd:
12.30 hs Poland vs Slovakia
14 hs Italy vs Netherlands

Games for Sunday 4th:
12.30 hs Austria vs Germany
14 hs France vs Irland
15.30 hs Price giving ceremony

Rest of the teams and formations:
Netherlands: N. Van der Hoeven 2; M. van Druten 2; A. van Andel 2; P. van den Brink 2. Overall 8 goals.
Slovakia: I. Weiss 1; M. Magal 1; J. Santamarina 1; F. Kelly 4. Overall 7 goals.
Italy: M. Boni 0; J. Pepa 3; P. Grillini 2; M. Caivano 3. Overall 8 goals.
Poland: M. Switalski 0; M. Olbrych 2; M. Switalski 2; M Ruskowski 2. Overall 6 goals.

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