Hublot Overpowers Postage Stamp Farm to Claim Game Four

Seeking their first win of the East Coast Open, Hublot outscored Postage Stamp Farm 9-7 on Sunday, September 3, maintaining their lead throughout the entirety of the game. Matias Gonzalez joined Hublot as a substitute for Bash Kazi.

Tomas Garcia Del Rio
Tomas Garcia Del Rio. Photos courtesy of Marcelo Bianchi.

Hublot 20

Matias Gonzalez 2
Marcos Garcia Del Rio 5
Tomas Garcia Del Rio 8
Tommy Biddle 5

Postage Stamp Farm 20

Annabelle Gundlach A
Brandon Phillips 5
Miguel Astrada 9
Kris Kampsen 6

In the first chukker Brandon Phillips and Matias Gonzalez each put a goal on the board for their respective teams. Hublot began their advance in the second with a goal from Tomas Garcia Del Rio, but Phillips responded to the challenge with a goal to match. Another goal and a Penalty 2 conversion later, Hublot successfully doubled the score of their opponent. With a strong defensive strategy, Hublot was able to prevent Postage Stamp Farm from competing any goals in the third while Marcos Garcia Del Rio picked up two back to back goals, tripling the scoreboard at halftime.

Miguel Astrada
Miguel Astrada

Starting off the second half, each team only added one goal to their tallies in the fourth, Biddle converting a Penalty 3 against Phillips. Hublot fell silent in the fifth, but their early lead allowed them to hang onto the lead after Postage Stamp Farm added two more goals. In a final effort to overtake the game, Phillips and Miguel Astrada each traded goals with Marcos Garcia Del Rio, but Hublot’s two point lead held fast in the sixth. The clock ran out on Postage Stamp Farm as game four ended 9-7 in favor of Hublot.

Hublot will face Audi on field 1 of Greenwich Polo Club on Tuesday, September 5 as they continue their pursuit of the Perry Trophy.

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