Intercontinental Cup at Houston Polo Club

The Intercontinental Cup kicked off with a celebrity bowl-in by ICC’s, Reggie Gray to start the game. Bill Lane’s Whitehall Ranch and Fox Benton’s Ghurka teams faced off on the historical Farish field on Sunday to decide who would get to take home the fantastic trophies presented by Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Fox Benton was sidelined 3 games prior due to injury, therefore young gun, Sloan Stefanakis, filled Fox’s boots for Sunday’s game.

© Houston Polo Club: Sloan StefanakisSloan Stefanakis

Ghurka jumped out to a 3 to 1 lead over Whitehall Ranch for the first half of play. Their disciplined defense held Whitehall scoreless for the second and third chukkers. After half time, Bill Lane decided it was time for a come back and made a beautiful run from end to end of the field, scoring to bring his team within one goal of Ghurka’s lead in the fourth chukker.

© Houston Polo Club: Whitehall Ranch and Ghurka at neck and neck!
Whitehall Ranch vs Ghurka

Ghurka grew their lead to 3 goals after the fifth chukker, but Whitehall’s Miguel Torres gave one last push to put his team on top in the sixth. Miguel ran out of time after scoring 2 beautiful goals, leaving the final score Ghurka (5) defeating Whitehall Ranch (4).

© Houston Polo Club: GhurkaThe match stayed close, but Ghurka came out on top for the win!

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