International Polo Cup: Amanara & Las Hermanitas Winners in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez –  July 15, 2019 – The International Polo Cup, which saw thirteen teams compete this year, came to an end on Sunday at Saint Tropez Polo Club with two finals: the 15-goal and the 10-goal. Both matches were streamed live via PoloLine TV.

Amanara: Tomas Iriarte, Nicky Sen, Santiago Chavanne, Fabian Bolanterio
Amanara: Tomas Iriarte, Nicky Sen, Santiago Chavanne, Fabian Bolanterio

The event also included a fabulous edition of ‘Sunday Polo,’ as is usual on finals day in the French Riviera. The latest ‘Sunday Polo,’ held on July 14, was extra special, as it coincided with Bastille Day, which commemorates the French Revolution.

Santiago Chavanne and Matias Carrique
Santiago Chavanne and Matias Carrique

First up, Amanara and VT Wealth Management went head to head for the 15-goal title. The teams had faced each other in the group stages, and it was clear that Amanara, Nicky Sen’s squad, had studied their opposition’s tactics well. They started off trailing in the first, but took the lead as of the second and maintained their advantage until the end, claiming a solid victory.

Best Playing Pony Urracz
Best Playing Pony Urracz
  • Final IPC 15 Goals: Amanara 8-6 VT Wealth Management
  • Amanara: Nicky Sen 0, Tomás Iriarte 4 (3 goles), Santiago Chavanne 7 (3), Fabián Bolanterio 4 (2). Total: 15.
  • VT Wealth Mgmt.: Sacha Fedier 0, Ivan Maldonado 5, Matías Carrique 4 (1 gol), Gerardo Mazzini 6 (5). Total: 15.
  • Umpires: Esteban Ferrari y Gastón Dorignac.
  • Score Amanara: 1-1, 3-2, 5-3, 7-5, 8-6.
  • MVP: Fabián Bolanterio.
  • MVP Amateur: Sacha Fedier.
  • BPP: Urraca. Player: Santiago Chavanne.
Las Hermanitas: Naomi Schroeder, Tahnee Schroeder, Martincito Aguerre, Marcos Harriott

Next, Las Hermanitas and Antelope battled it out for the 10-goal title on ground one at Saint Tropez Polo Club. Las Hermanitas reached the final undefeated. They took control of the match in the second chukka and held on tight. Once again, Martincito Aguerre came through for the team, working hard in attack and defence. Sisters Tahnee and Naomi Schroeder also came through for the team, as did Marcos Harriott, and as a result, the Mallorca based organisation secured the win and snatched the title.

  • Final IPC 10 Goles: Las Hermanitas 8-5 Antelope
  • Las Hermanitas: Tahnee Schroeder 0 (2 goles), Naomi Schroeder 0, Martincito Aguerre 7 (6), Marcos Harriott 3. Total: 10.
  • Antelope: Grant Palmer 0 (1 gol), Nathan Begaud 1 (2), Jota Chavanne 5 (2), Guillermo Li 4. Total: 10.
  • Umpires: Matías Baibiene & Alex Roldan.
  • Score Las Hermanitas: 1-1, 4-2, 6-3, 8-5.
  • MVP Amateur: Naomi Schroeder.
  • BPP: Darker Than Blue. Player: Martincito Aguerre.


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