International Polo Cup Marks Start of Saint Tropez Season

The International Polo Cup, one of the main tournaments played at Saint Tropez Polo Club, kicks off on Thursday.

Thirteen teams, split into two categories (15 & 10-Goal), are set to compete in the tournament, which marks the start of the high goal season on the Cote D’Azur.

Some of the most important polo organisations in Europe are scheduled to play the IPC, each boasting top players such as Martincito Aguerre, Nito Uranga, Gerardo Mazzini, Pierre Henri N’Goumou and Juan Jauretche.

The finals and first “Sunday Polo” are set for Sunday, July 14th, a day that will also celebrate the anniversary of French Independence.’


F Polo Team: Sztarkman Sam 1, Matias Nigoul 4, Justin Gaunt 4, Sebastian Harriott 6. Total: 15.
Chateau D’Aulne/Twenty 20: Alexis Pouille de Balkany 2, Philip De Groot 1, Mariano Uranga 6, Santiago Zubiaurre 5. Total: 14.
VT Wealth Management: Sacha Fedier 0, Iván Maldonado 5, Matias Carrique 4, Gerardo Mazzini 6. Total: 15.

15-Goal team captains
15-Goal teams

Marquard Media: Thomas Rinderknecht 0, Martincito Aguerre 7, Ignacio Kennedy 4, Ramiro Zavaleta 4. Total: 15.
Amanara: Nicky Sen 0, Santiago Chavanne 7, Fabian Bolanterio 4, Tomas Iriarte 4. Total: 15.
Antelope: Geoff Palmer 0, Guillermo Li 4, Jota Chavanne 5, Pierre Henri N’Goumou 6. Total: 15.

Antelope: Grant Palmer 0, Nathan Begaud 1, Guillermo Li 4, Juan Pedro Chavanne 5. Total: 10.
Eviva St. Moritz: Piero Dillier 0, Andy Bihrer 0, Bautista Beguerie 4, Lucas Labat 6. Total: 10.
Battistoni: Alessandro Barnaba -1, Pierre Jauretche 3, Ignacio Garrahan 3, Juan Jauretche 5. Total: 10.
Barralina: Daniel Crasemann 1, Caesar Crasemann 3, Caspar Crasemann 3, Heinrich Dummrath 3. Total: 10.
Saint Tropez: Corinne Schuler 0, Garvey Beh 3, Joevy Beh 3, Esteban Panelo 4. Total: 10.
Dark Ice: Helen Goddard-Watts -1, James Miller 1, Gastón Máiquez 6, Látigo García Laborde 4. Total: 10.
Las Hermanitas: Naomi Schroeder 0, Tahnee Schroeder 0, Marcos Harriott 3, Martincito Aguerre 7. Total: 10.

10-Goal teams

About Polo Club Saint Tropez:
The Saint Tropez Polo Club – Haras de Gassin is located in Gassin in the peninsula of Saint-Tropez (France), a few kilometers away from the village and the sea, on an area of more than 100 hectares. The Haras de Gassin was born in 1980 while the Polo club was created in 1998.

The Saint Tropez Polo Club is considered as one of the biggest and best in France and a meeting place for the international polo elite. It is also one of the 36 Clubs recognized by the French Polo Federation

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