Ireland Is The New FIP European Champion

© Federation of International Polo: Team Ireland - 2016 FIP ChampionsTeam Ireland are the 2016 FIP Champions. Photo: Federation of International Polo.

In the first game Germany showed that they have a bright future. The four young boys played as a team and won in overtime against Austria by 6 to 5 and achieved the third place in the competition.
Germany: H. Dumrath 3 (2); C. Crasemann 2 (2); C Crasemann 3 (2); N. Strinle 0. Overall 8 goals.
Austria: R. Kofler 1 (1); M. Bleier 2; D. Braun 4 (4); W. Scherb 1. Overall 8 goals.

In the final game, Ireland and France shared control of the ball. The Irish showed some of their amazing horses and got to beat France by 3 goals. The game ended 7 to 4 with a clear new champion. “The one that got away”, played by Max Hutchinson, was awarded with the final’s Best Playing Pony prize.
Ireland: C Boyd 0 (1); S. Hutchinson 1; M. Hutchinson 3 (2); M. Henderson 4 (4). Overall 8 goals.
France: T.V. Desplaces 0; L. Jarrige 2 (1); F. Garaud 3 (1); J Reynes 3 (2). Overall 8 goals.

Rest of the teams and formations:
5th place: Italy: G. D’Orazio 0; P. Grillini 2; G. Cutinelli 3; M. Caivano 3. Overall 8 goals.
6th place: Netherlands: N. Van der Hoeven 2; M. van Druten 2; A. van Andel 2; P. van den Brink 2. Overall 8 goals.
7th place: Poland: M. Switalski 0; M. Olbrych 2; M. Switalski 2; M Ruskowski 2. Overall 6 goals.
8th place: Slovakia: I. Weiss 1; M. Magal 1; J. Santamarina 1; F. Kelly 4. Overall 7 goals.

© Federation of International Polo: Team Ireland in the 2016 FIP Semifinals
Team Ireland in the 2016 FIP Semifinals

For comments from Stephen Hutchinson, member of the FIP Executive Committe, Chairman of the HPA and member of the Ireland Polo Team after winning zone finals and qualifying as finalists of the XI. FIP European Championship 2016, click here.

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