La Dolfina–Argentine Open Champions Again!

It came as no surprise that La Dolfina walked away with the 2017 Argentine Open trophy, raised high above their head, for the fifth consecutive year. They defeated their arch rivals, Ellerstina, 14-13 in overtime, the closest of most games La Dolfina played in during the tournament. In fact, the tournament was laden with wide goal disparities such as Ellerstain’s win over Cria Yatay 14-6 of La Dolfina’s 14-1 victory over La Aguada Las Monjitas to name a few. To say the the two finalists of the Open was predicted, is an understatement.

Photo: Katerina Morgan

But the final proved to be a different story then the games leading up to it. Ellerstina led the first two chukkers in a back-and-forth stretches of goal streaks by each team until two penalties by Adolfo Cambiaso brought his team into the lead in the third chukker. The trading of goals continued as Ellerstina led strategic attacks on La Dolfina as they attempted to wear Cambiaso.

The sixth chukker was one of strength for La Dolfina, as they were able to take a strong lead, 13-9. Action from Polito Pieres and Facundo Pieres throughout the next two chukkers would give Ellerstina a fighting chance for the trophy–and more importantly, a big win against La Dolfina. The eighth chukker ended in a tie, lucky number 13. Quick teamwork from La Dolfina set Juan Martin Nero up for the golden goal–and the MVP award.

Dolfina B09 Cuartetera was awarded two prizes–the Lady Susan Townley Cup (Best Playing Pony of the tournament) and the Argentine Polo Horse Breeders Association and Rural Society Argentina Award for the best Argentine-bred pony of the tournament. B09 Cuartetra was also the BPP of the U.S. Open, a feat yet to be done until today.

The Argentine Polo Association also recognized Eduardo and Alberto Heguy for their 31 games in the Argentine Open.

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