La Dolfina’s Fantastic Four Captures Their Fantastic Fourth Argentine Open Final

© : La Dolfina - 123 Arg Open
La Dolfina

La Dolfina captured their fourth consecutive Argentine Open title on Saturday, December 10, 16-12 over longtime rival, Ellerstina.

La Dolfina
Adolfo Cambiaso
David (Pelon) Stirling
Pablo Mac Donough
Juan Martín Nero

Facundo Pieres
Pablo (Polito) Pieres
Gonzalo Pieres
Nico Pieres

Ellerstina, hot off their Hurlingham Open win, looked as though they had a real shot at breaking another one of La Dolfina’s title winning streaks. They started off confidently, never allowing La Dolfina a wide margin on the scoreboard, until the seventh chukker.

The seventh chukker finished with a score of 14-11 in favor of La Dolfina. Ellerstina attempted a swift comeback but only scored one additional goal in the 8th chukker. La Dolfina ran away with the title, ending the chukker and the final, 16-12.

Adolfo Cambiaso, mounted on only clones, was MVP of the tournament. Pelon Stirling was awarded MVP of the game, Juan Martin Nero was awarded Best String and “Zippi”, played by Stirling, was named Best Playing Pony.

Game progression: 1-2, 3-3, 5-6, 6-7, 9-9, 11-11, 14-11 and 16-12.

See the video of Ellerstina’s Hurlingham Open win here:

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