Opening Weekend In Costa Careyes Mexico

The opening games of the Careyes Polo Club in Mexico took place over Thanksgiving weekend with four teams competing in two games each. Players from all over the world including Peru, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, and the U.S. participated in the weekend’s competition. The teams consisted of Mangorace (Cable Magness, Gary Magness, Nico Millan, and Daniel Arrellano), Magness (Sarah Magness, Joe Henderson, Guillermo Li, and Juan Pablo Gallegos), Cabinet Connection( Crissy Faulk, Will Faulk, Raul Ramirez, and Manuel Rios), and Quinto Sol(Manuel Matos, Alberico Ardissone, Luis Perez, and Eugenio Clark-Gonzalez).

Eugenio Clark being chased by Guillermo Li. Photo by: Jeanne McGee – Art of Photography

Ultimately Team Magness became the overall winning team with all other teams acquiring one win and one loss except for Magness. In the final seconds of their game Magness took their second victory in a 4 to 3.5 point lead over Quinto Sol on Sunday. Guillermo Li left nothing to chance as he secured three goals alone for the team and Sarah Magness contributed to the final half point win with one goal.

The winners of the Thanksgiving tournament Team Magness – L to R: Juan Pablo Gallegos, Guillermo Li, Joe Henderson and Sarah Magness

The next tournament will be the Copa de Careyes which is the traditional holiday tournament. The Careyes Polo Club club is located on the Pacific Ocean south of Puerto Vallarta and is a private gated resort community who’s polo season typically runs from November 15 to the middle of April. Please see or contact

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