Poland and Italy ended their tournament on a high note

Finals at Maifeld Olympic Stadium in Berlin. –

The first game in the amazing Maifeld Stadium showed all the great organization by Sevendays. Poland won their game and ended the tournament with a high note by 6 1/2 to 4 achieving the seventh place at the podium (Poland was awarded 1/2 goal by handicap).
Poland (1/2): M. Switalski 0 (1); M. Olbrych 2 (1); M. Switalski 2 (2); M Ruskowski 2 (2). Overall 6 goals.
Slovakia: I. Weiss 1; M. Magal 1 (1); J. Santamarina 1 (1); F. Kelly 4 (2). Overall 7 goals.

On the second match Italy changed 2 players and improved their game. Netherlands had a bad start and could not close on Italy until the last chukker, where they scored all of their goals although it didn’t do to overcome the italians and the game finished 6 to 4. Italy won the fifeth place and Netherlands had to take in the sixth place.
Italy: G. D’Orazio 0 (2); P. Grillini 2; G. Cutinelli 3 (2); M. Caivano 3 (2). Overall 8 goals.
Netherlands: N. Van der Hoeven 2; M. van Druten 2; A. van Andel 2; P. van den Brink 2. Overall 8 goals.

The XI FIP European Championship final games at the Maifeld Olympic Stadium

Sunday 4th:
12.30 hs Austria vs Germany
14 hs France vs Irland
15.30 hs Price giving ceremony

Rest of the teams and formations:
France: T.V. Desplaces 0; L. Jarrige 2; F. Garaud 3; J Reynes 3. Overall 8 goals.
Austria: R. Kofler 1; M. Bleier 2; D. Braun 4; W. Scherb 1. Overall 8 goals.
Ireland: S. Hutchinson 1; C Boyd 0; M. Hutchinson 3; M. Henderson 4. Overall 8 goals.
Germany: H. Dumrath 3; C. Crasemann 2; C Crasemann 3; N. Strinle 0. Overall 8 goals.

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