Port Mayaca Polo Club Announces 2019 Winter Season Schedule

Port Mayaca Polo Club (PMPC) announced their 2019 season schedule, which is shaping up to be their busiest season yet, with sold out stabling and tons of polo to choose from. Please visit their website (http://www.portmayacapoloclub.com) for the full schedule and find the season tournament schedule below. For more information, please contact Adrian Wade, who will be coordinating polo at PMPC this season. Adrian can be reached at 561-818-9580 or by email at Adrianmwade@hotmail.com.

Port Mayaca’s wonderful Holiday Family Cup has been rechristened in honor of Steve Orthwein Sr. The perpetual trophy has been named the Steve Orthwein Sr. Memorial Family Cup. The Family Cup was the first tournament ever played at Port Mayaca, and Steve played in it every year up until his accident. It was a tournament very dear to his heart, and PMPC will play it in his memory going forward.

Club Practices will start in early December, and take place on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. There are several membership options available, please visit the PMPC website at http://www.portmayacapoloclub.com/membership.html.

Join Port Mayaca Polo Club for a wonderful season of polo in South Florida!

27-31: Stephen Orthwein Memorial Family Cup 4-6 Goal(4 Chukkers)

8-27:Live Oak Challenge8-12 Goal (6 Chukkers)
8-27: Cypress Cup 4-6 Goal (4 Chukkers)

1-24: Mahogany Cup 8-12 Goal (6 Chukkers)
1-24: The Woodcock 4-6 Goal (4 Chukkers)

1-16: USPA Heritage Cup 12-16 Goal (6 Chukkers)
1-31: The Shady Lady 8-12 Goal (6 Chukkers)
1-31: USPA Continental Cup 4-8 Goal (6 Chukkers)
1-31: The Black Olive 4-6 Goal (4 Chukkers)
7-9: Tabebuia Women’s Cup WCT Qualifier 16-Goal (4 Chukkers)
9: Molly’s House Charity Benefit (Tabebuia Final)
10-17: U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship® Preliminary Games (4 Chukkers)

March 30-April 20: Spring Fling 4-6 Goal (4 Chukkers)

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