Presidents Weekend in Careyes

The USA celebrated Presidents Day weekend of February 18 and 19 and so did Careyes Polo Club, as well as two birthdays – Ben Kennedy and Scott Lean, announcer extraodinaire. Four teams gathered for the three day weekend to play at the Mexican resort, Costa Careyes, which is located three hours south of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Ocean. Players from Texas, Colorado, Virginia, California and well as Italy, Portugal and Mexico came to play for the Copa de Presidente.

© : Ben Kennedy and Giorgio BrignoneBen Kennedy and Giorgio Brignone

The format of the four teams was each team to play one another with the winner declared as the team with the best won-loss record. Team Magness I/Cabinet Connection with Sarah Magness, Nico Milan, Chris and Katie Falk ended up with the best reord of 3-0. However, the last game they played against Lafayett 67/Careyes with Robert Hinaman, first time player to Careyes, Giorgio Brignone, founder of the club and resort, Luis Perez and Eugenio Clark, another first time player to Careyes, was the finals as if Careyes would win, there would have to have been a three way tie to determine the winner.

The other two teams were Austin Polo/Agua Alta (Ben Kennedy, Cuatro Tolson and Matt Wiechert, both first timers to Careyes, and Alberico Ardissone) and Magness II (Gary Magness, Raul Ramirez, Ernesto Ramirez and George Sandu). These three teams all were tied with won-loss records and were separated only by .5 goals. Lafayette 67/Careyes had plus .5 net goal, Austin Polo had zero net goals and Magness II has -.5 goal. All were presented with a toast of tequila and silver Mexican spurs–a perfect way to end the day.

 © : The winners - Chris Falk, Katie Falk, Gary Magness and Nico MilanChris Falk, Katie Falk, Gary Magness and Nico Milan

© : All players and friends gather after the game for a shot of Tequila– a Mexican traditionAll players and friends gather after the game for a shot of Tequila– a Mexican tradition.

Careyes Polo is from November 15 through April. The next tournament for the season is centered during the 7th Annual Arte Careyes Film Festival. The Polo Club will then host the 18th Annual Agua Alta which has 10-goal and 6-goal polo, April 7-15, followed by Junior Week with Columbian Polo School Bocheritos. Please see or contact or





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