Spectacular Grass Growth at IPC Signals to Improved Turf Longevity and Strong Play in 2018

Wellington, FL – August 10, 2017 – The highly anticipated renovations to the playing fields at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) have undergone extraordinary development in recent weeks on Fields 1, 3, 4, 5, and Outback, each of which were re-sprigged ahead of the 2018 polo season. The TifTuf Bermuda grass, which replaced the former Tifway 419 previously used at the venue, has grown spectacularly only in only three weeks after each field was cleared and replanted.

Incredible TifTuf growth on only three weeks after sprigging on Field 1 at IPC.
Incredible TifTuf growth on only three weeks after sprigging on Field 1 at IPC.

“The TifTuf has been amazing since sprigging. In only a few days, the sprigs were rooting and we’ve already started the need to mow since then,” said Raymond Mooney, Head Agronomist at IPC. “This TifTuf is growing much faster than the Tifway 410 or Latitude has for me in past years.”

Mooney is currently overseeing the entire re-growth process and is confident the fields will be in their best condition ever come the start of the polo season at the end of December. He added, “I’m very impressed with the overall coverage the TifTuf is providing after only three weeks since sprigging.”

After conducting numerous tests and in-depth research comparing different types of playable Bermuda grass, the results led the IPC management team to select TifTuf as the replacement for the former strains of grass. The quality and durability of the grass has already spoken for itself, cutting the growth period in half and developing more fully across all of the fields.

“I haven’t fertilized the TifTuf nearly as much as I would have fertilized the Tifway 419 or the Latitude after sprigging and this grass is still growing and filling in areas quickly,” he said. “In my experience, it takes Tifway 419 eight weeks after sprigging to look like our TifTuf fields currently look after only three weeks.”

With the commencement of the 2018 season only a few short months away, the rapid growth of the TifTuf is a keen indication that polo play at IPC will be superior to past seasons, offering players and teams the ability to display their skills on a more consistent surface, thanks in part to the unequaled durability and longevity of the newly re-sprigged TifTuf fields.

“This is the first step in making sure the fields play to the criteria we know is necessary for top international polo,” said Mark Bellissimo, managing partner of Wellington Equestrian Partners (WEP). “We are looking forward to a excellent season in 2018.”

The 2018 IPC season will begin on Sunday, December 31, and continue through Sunday, April 22, featuring three months of the world’s best high goal polo. For more information on the International Polo Club (IPC), please visit www.internationalpoloclub.com.

Photo Credit ©Raymond Mooney/IPC.

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