Sunny Hale Passes Away

PS Polo is sad to report the loss of polo’s greatest female polo player, Sunny Hale.

Sunny is widley considered the world’s best female polo player and is the first woman to win the U.S. Open Polo Championship–with Outback polo team in 2000. She also developed the WCT all-women’s polo tournament to encourage other women in the traditionally male-dominated sport. She made her way up to a 5-goal handicap, an outstanding accomplishment in its own right and far unprecedented by any other woman.

Some of her accomplishments include:

First woman to win the US Open Polo Championship
First female professional player to win the US Open Polo Championship
#1 American female polo player
Competed in Polo Tournaments in 11 countries
Competed in the First Women’s International Polo Tournament Dubai UAE
7-time Polo Magazine Woman Player of the Year

The news of her death has rocked the polo world, as it was incredibly unexpected. The details of her death are currently unconfirmed although there have been reports that she passed away from an aggressive form of lung cancer. She was 48 years old.

Here at PS Polo, we mourn this great loss, as Sunny was a true friend.

© Courtesy of Sunny Hale: Sunny Hale headshot

Wins and special awards in Polo
(partial list)
according to her website,

US Open Polo Championships 26 goal: Outback Steakhouse Polo Team
Adolfo Cambiaso, Sunny Hale, Lolo Castagnola, Phil Heatly, *Tim Gannon – team patron

CV Whitney Cup 26 goal: Lechuza Caracas Polo Team
Pite Merlos, Sebastian Merlos, Victor Vargas, Sunny Hale

Hall of Fame Cup 22 goal: Outback Steakhouse
Adolfo Cambiaso, Gonzalito Pieres, Sunny Hale, Tim Gannon

Ylvisaker Cup 22 goal: La Dolfina / Newbridge
Adolfo Cambiaso, Sunny Hale, Matias Magrini, Russ McCall
** Finals MVP **

Sterling Cup 22 goal: Calumet Polo Team
Eduardo Heguy, Nachi Heguy, Henryk de Kwiatkowski, Sunny Hale

Robert Skene 20 goal: Goshen Polo Team
* voted by players MVP Robert Skene Award

Owen Rinehart, Julio Arellano, Sunny Hale, Ervin Abel

Bondell Cup 20 goal: Audi Polo Team
Gonzalito Pieres, Sunny Hale, Melissa Ganzi, Juan Bollini

Texas Open 20 goal: Bob Moore Cadillac
**Finals MVP **

International Cup 16 goal Sympatico Polo Team

Palm Beach Polo & Country Club 14 goal League

Women’s Polo and special awards in Polo (partial list)

7 Time Polo Magazine Woman Player of the Year

US Women’s Open Champion ~ 1990, 2011, 2013 & MVP

WCT Finals Champion ~ 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & MVP

First Royal Malaysian Ladies Championships 2012

USA vs Argentina at Palermo Field #1

ICWI International Ladies Tournament Jamaica

Argentine Women’s Open Champion 1999

Thai Polo Queen’s Cup Champion 2012

1st Dubai International Ladies Tournament
*under the patronage of Sheikha Maitha al Maktoum

National Sporting Library Supermatch 2014 ,2015 &MVP

Argentine Women’s Open Champion 2015
La Dolfina: SH, Mia Cambiaso, Cande F Araujo, Milagros F Araujo
Coaches: Adolfo Cambiaso & Milo F Araujo




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